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UA8The University of Alabama Department of Geography Placenames Research Center (PRC) has been designated by the American Name Society’s (ANS) Place Name Survey of the United States as one of two nationally recognized research facilities for toponymic study.   Toponymics, the study of geographic names related to a place or a region, encompasses a wide range of research materials for a number of disciplines, including onomastics, linguistics, history and geography.   Since the early 1990s the Center, called the Eastern Region Placenames Research Center by the ANS, has collected nearly 2000 items pertaining to toponymic research.   The University of Alabama’s western region counterpart, the Lurline Coltharp Collection of Onomastics, is located at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday  8:00-4:45 or by appointment

3rd Floor Farrah Hall
The University of Alabama
Latitude:  33°12’32” N
Longitude:  87°32’38” W

The University of Alabama
Department of Geography,  Placenames Research Center
PO Box 870322
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0322
Phone (205)348-6028
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maplib@bama.ua.edu or lwatson@bama.ua.edu

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